Monday, June 30, 2008


Today on the radio

they mentioned something about raising kids.
It got me thinking...
{I know SCARY thought}

When you bring home a new little one,
you have such hopes and thoughts
about how you want to raise this child.

And then they start to grow up--
gain their own

thoughts and

So exactly what is my role as a parent?

What, if i had to choose one thing
would i want to instill my children with?
The word
came to my mind.

And then i thought,
can you give them too much
{UHh--yea,that's where the word
came from--dummy.}

Anyway, i think confidence is soooo important.
With confidence you have the


to stand up
for what you believe in.
With confidence you can be a leader,

but you can also step back and help some one else be the leader.
With confidence you can believe in the things you know,
and have the ability to admit the things you don't know.
With confidence you can admit when your wrong--
because you know that is not a judgement of who you are.
With confidence you are willing to try new things,
and to step outside that comfort zone.
With confidence,
You know who you are.

Isn't that really what we want for our kids?
At least that is what i want for mine.
For them to know that they are loved,
and for them to have the
just to be themselves

The word confidence also means trust.
To take someone into your confidence means
that people can trust you.
That you can trust yourself.
With Confidence they have nothing to prove to anyone else.
If they are happy with who they are
that to me is success.
I just LOVE this word!!
I just hope that I have the confidence to pull this one off....


Kari Whiting said...

leighanne it is so funny cause corey and i were just talking about confidence and how i feel like i have none. i was glad to read this on your blog, i agree i would want my kids to get confidence too!!

Kari Whiting said...

i made my blog private so if you email me at i'll invite you