Sunday, June 22, 2008

accidents happen

When you make the statement
"we made it back alive"
is it really only talking about
near death experiences?

"We" made it back
and only a little worse for the wear.

On Friday,
my oldest

{accident pron child)
passed out and fell
head first
into the camp stove.

Those that were around her at the time
think that maybe she might have had a
mini seizure.

{Isn't that what you want to deal with
first thing in the A.M.?}

We feel real blessed that she only came out of this

with a lovely bruise and scratch
instead of stitches
and maybe 3rd degree burns,
{since she fell on the side away from the bacon grease}
She had a fainting episode a year ago when she was working out.
and at the time
we felt it was an isolated incident.
{I guess we were wrong.}
Hopefully after a trip to the doctor this week
we will find out that all is OK.

I also chose to take a walk on the wild side
and disregard my common sense.

Against my better judgement
i felt i could do a lovely "mount"
(drawing out the inner gymnast in me)
on a 1inch fence board
to get a better vantage point
to take a picture.
(isn't it always about the picture?)

this is the fence--
notice the skinny rail?
What was i thinking?
Instead of using
my graceful
for good
i found myself dismounting
in a not so attractive manner

off the side,
down the slope.
Landing on my
which i previously thought was well cushioned--
----it's not----

The girls were impressed that i did not cry--
even more so when i was taking their picture
and they noticed the blood running down my elbow. It was their turn to use their first aid skills
they have been taught all those years at camp
They managed to bandage me up and send me on my way

and just for the record

I did save the camera
and i did get a picture
just not the one
that i had originally planned on

see the clouds overhead?

that's a story for another day..........

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