Monday, June 23, 2008

why worry

don't you love those days where you run from one appointment to the next.
I finally got my oldest son an x-ray to check on his scoliosis.
one of those things i have been putting off
[for what ever reason i don't know]
We did get an EKG done
for my fainting child
results and an appointment with the pediatrician
in the morning.
It is amazing the many things that can cause one to faint--
I'm not sure i like any of the outcomes...
but we shall see
one step at a time
and no need to get worked up and worried for the unknown.
I am leaving the worrying to the grandparents
I have had a call from all of them
and i promise to let them know
when i find out anything

Blessed is the person
who is too busy
to worry in the daytime
and too sleepy
to worry at night.
~Author Unknown

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