Monday, June 23, 2008

unseen body parts


i have found
are an under appreciated portion of my body.
Under normal circumstances
do we even give that joint a second thought?

Despite our best attempts
we really
can't even see our own elbows

We know that they are there--

taking it for granted as it bends
until it hurts to do that simple motion.

Then there is the "resting" elbow
either on the table as you are sitting,
or perhaps as you are driving.

but now it reminds me that i am wounded.

Even finding a comfortable position to sleep
with out hurting my elbow has been interesting.

And i won't even discuss
the found muscles in my


but if i was to discuss this pain,

was it the
horse back riding?

or perhaps the

mountain bike riding?
that made me more aware of those muscles?

It couldn't have been me landing on the said
that made it hurt so bad?
let's face it
the term "out of shape"
is there for a reason
Out of sight--- out of mind
until you do something that forces you to remember
that it is still a part of your body.
I hear ya body,
you can quit reminding me that i have been ignoring you.

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