Thursday, June 26, 2008

shock em'

Do you ever just say
for the shock factor?
{I'm not talking about swearing or anything like that,}
maybe just something
to make my kids look at me sideways
and wonder
What is really going on in that feeble mind of mine.

On occasion i have been known to terrorize my children,
just for the fun of it.
I do realize that i have this
warped sense of humor.
I can't help it
It is who i am.

Where am i going with this you ask?

Today i was talking with the kids about family pictures.

Middle son
--also known as
my shadow---
currently has a rather large scrape on his nose.

he has made the comment in the past that
dig scars"
--as he has continually added them to his face

He was telling me that when we take the picture

he will just turn his face and then you won't see the scrape.
After all (according to him) that is his best side
WRONG!! I said.

That isn't the side that has his cute dimple.
It is the kind of dimple that is present
even when he isn't smiling.
It is the kind of dimple
that gives his personality so much charm.
That dimple
has been known
to get him out of trouble in the past.

And then we started discussing who else has dimples in our family.
I mentioned that i had dimples
(yes that is plural)
on my behind
Oh, wait they don't call them dimples,
i believe
is the correct term.

To which my oldest son
screamed out in agony
"Don't go there."
"I now have a mental picture that i can't get rid of."

It still makes me laugh thinking about it.
I will admit,
It's not a pretty sight.
I do understand his mental anguish.
and somehow i just couldn't
NOT say it.

I knew i would get that reaction.
Like i said earlier.
It's just who i am--
a little warped i guess
but laughing none the less.

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Annette said...

You are my hero!