Friday, June 6, 2008

morning comes too early

my head is stuffed,
my eyes feel puffy,
and for the record
I am not feeling the early morning love today
this is not unusual
but today i REALLY don't want to be awake yet!!!
YES, It is BeAuTiFuL outside
the weather is nice and cool
it smells nice
The sun is shining brightly--
(rather rudely in my eyes--that i wish were still closed.)
I stayed up really late or very early last night.
(it's a perspective thing)
Mothers of babies and teenagers have something in common
I thought once my babies were sleeping through the night
my sleepless nights were over
I was incorrect in my assumption.
I felt the need to stay up waiting....
until daughter #1 got home from work.
(trying to be a responsible mom)
She had a private pool rental till 3am.
at 3:15 I started calling her
(i figured the sooner she got home
the sooner i could go to sleep)
I don't like having my kiddo's out that late,
especially driving home at that time of day.
Everything was fine
my worry for naught.
And there she is
fast asleep,
while i have to wake up
and run siblings to different locations.
stay awake thereafter because
little man is now awake.
Have i mentioned before

"Most people
do not consider dawn
to be an attractive experience
- unless they are still up."

~Ellen Goodman

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