Monday, June 2, 2008

raising rightous men

I am doing my best to raise good boys.
Boys who will become great men.
Men who will honor their priesthood.
Men who honor womanhood.
Strong men--
both physically
but more importantly spiritually.
Men who are not afraid to work.
Men who will not be intimidated by strong women.

There are so many amazing woman i know
that are not matched with equally amazing men.
These woman contribute so much to my life
and the life of my children.
They are strong woman.
They are spiritual woman.
They know who they are and where they are going.
They have goals and continue to reach them.
I am lucky to call them my friends.
And my children are lucky
to have them as an influence in their lives.

So for those who are willing to wait--
I am trying to prepare my boys--
to be the amazing men that you all deserve.
We need more of those kind of men
that are worthy
of the amazing women that are currently available.
You all inspire me to be better.
To continue to move my life forward.
And more than anything else
to be mindful of the job i have to do
to make my boys worthy
of the amazing woman they will meet.


THE Bridesmaid said...

Thanks for the employment tip, I will e-mail your hubby!!

mindy said...

thank you leigh ann, can i get an amen??
saw kathleen last night at book club. she is so awesome!