Saturday, June 28, 2008


for those of you that know me well,
You might want to be sitting when you read this next line.
It is a shocker!!!
Even for me!!
It is the day before
we are do to leave on vacation,
and i just finished
packing my bag?!!!
I know, I know,
And they say;
an old dog can't be taught new tricks!
Usually the hour before (if that)
I can be found going through the clean laundry
and throwing things into my suitcase.
I can't for the life of me remember
when i have ever had my bag packed early.
What will i do with that time now?

Truly,that is such a dumb question.
I will be obsessing about something in the house
that i have previously been ignoring.
There is something about leaving
that makes me want to
deep clean,
and organize
That is why earlier i was organizing my closet
by shirt and skirt colors.
(Yes, i know i have a few OCD issues)
That was followed up with organizing my shoes.
There is still a ton to be done,
but at least now i will be able to tell
if someone breaks in and ransacks the place.....

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