Monday, June 9, 2008

Days flying by

i feel like i am out of my blogging rhythm.

Having kids home for the summer will do that. My life as i knew it is no longer my own. My time is dictated by the many bodies who surround me these days. I have a new old shadow. It reminds me of not so many years ago when child #4 was the last to attend school so he had me all to his self. We would just hang out together. So it is these days. It seems like the rest of his siblings have places to go--things to do but that is not the case with him. So where i go--he goes--just like old times. It is fun having a buddy to run errands with. He has long since given up his cowboy boots--he now can be found skating around me in the store with his "heelies" on. Today he got a new book to read and has taken it with him where ever we have been. Any spare moment that he can find i will see him with his nose in it. It really does thrill me to see him that excited to read. It is fun to be able to have a real conversation with him and see how much he is growing up. He really is making that transition from little boy to pre-teen. It is exciting to see his maturity and acceptance of responsibility these days.

There is hope!!!

i need to get a pedicure--

think he will want to go with me for that errand?

Yah, i kinda doubt it.

So i officially declare this my summer of sewing.

Tonight i finished 8 pillows!!! (a paying job)Yeah--I love the feeling of accomplishing something. I have a list of sewing projects that i want to get done for the summer---for myself---there is more on the list than i actually have time for, but it will be fun to see what i can actually get done.Thanks to the summer cottage and cable TV and staying up late (because i can kinda sleep in) it is amazing the things i will be able to get done. I will have to post pictures as i finish things so you can relish in my accomplishments along with me. I guess i will just have to make a list and start crossing things off as i accomplish them.


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Alli said...

got a pedi saturday. it is so worth it to try to ditch the kid!!! ha come over and hang out with us sometime!