Friday, June 20, 2008

Stump the MOM

I think my children stay up at night

thinking of questions to try and stump me.

And recently they have.

As I was struggling to come up with an answer the other day

my son informed me that i was supposed to know these things

cuz i was

"The Mom"

and that is my j0b,

to know the answers,

--to any question that his little brain can think up.

Did i miss that requirement on my job description?

Like i don't have enough pressure placed upon me already--

now i am supposed to be

the "fountain of unnecessary information"

Do i look like i belong on jeopardy?

So my new plan is to surround myself with those who do know

the answers to these monumental questions.

Today Miss Mindy is my Hero.

She went 2 for 2

in the obscure question department.

Middle son was impressed.

We all have our strengths--

I just hope when he asks me

life's real important questions

I will give him the answers that he needs to hear

and more important than that

is that he will listen

and take it them to heart.

But thank goodness for those other influences

that can answer those questions

that even as a mom

stump me.

It's rather humbling when you realize

that you really don't know it all.

I guess i will continue to learn..........

1 comment:

OK said...

So what is the question that stumped you? come on now...fess up.
You are so intelligent, I cannot imagine anything stumping you!