Thursday, March 27, 2008

a Step in the right direction

Funny day.
So in the hopes of changing my wicked ways {ie: procrastination} I made a list—checked it twice and proceeded to do things so I could have the satisfaction of crossing them off.(yes, I did add some things to the list just so I could feel like i was accomplishing something) What an exhilarating feeling to cross off some nagging tasks. I will say that there are a number of things that did not get put on the list even though I have been putting them off and off. I am starting with baby steps and trying to accomplish those things that I know I can do, but just hate—like listening to the 50 million voice mails and clearing that all out—DID IT!! I can cross that one off the list. I came to the realization that some of the things that i have to do kinda depress me so instead of accomplishing them i avoid them instead. I did finish up some of Alex' paper work and i just tried to focus on the things that i know he can do and the progress that HE is making--not trying to measure it against anyone or anything else. Another one of the things that I have been thinking about {like for the last 2 years} was making the annual doctor appointment with the favorite OB/GYN. {That is always something I look so forward to so I don’t know why I been procrastinating that one?—{note sarcasm} I figured while I was waiting today I would cross some of these things off my list—so I called home and had Jo get me the phone #. The conversation went something like this
M: “Jo can you get me Dr. L’s phone #”
J: “Why?” [note hesitation in voice]
M: “because I need it”
J: “WHY?”
M: “because I haven’t been in a few years”
J: “Umm, what kind of doctor is he again?”
M: “He is an OB/GYN
-----DEAD SILENCE-----
Insert pregnant pause here--{yes the pun is intended},Me snickering under my breath as I think about the things going through her mind about now--
M: No, Jo I am not pregnant
J: [sigh of relief] oh good, I thought you had that all fixed.
M: yes Jo, I am done with that part but I still have to get things looked at periodically. Lucky ME.
J: OK, here is the #

Am I truly an EVIL person for tormenting my poor teenager?
But I get such JOY in it sometimes……

Different subject: Who out there has a favorite pair of skinny jeans? My friend Alli just bought a pair for $100.—I thought she was crazy but she responded that they made her feel good and who can put a price on that? Well I guess I had my skinny jeans on today because not 1 but 2 people commented that it looked like I had lost weightWHAT? Could it be trueNO—but made me feel good anyway. By the way, the skinny jeans are called “instantly slimming” from that great box store called “Wal-Mart” and I think they cost me less than $20. Just makes me laugh—I was feeling “BLAH” about myself in my jeans, frumpy old navy t-shirt and my Keens and it is amazing how 2 simple comments can turn the day around. This is now my favorite outfit.

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Alli said...

I LOVE YOU!!! Ha and of course I would like to thank you for helping me grow up. Even if you are "just" my mom's crazy friend (ha, ya right) and i still love my jeans!