Friday, March 28, 2008

self imposed GUILT

I need to quit being so profound--i am giving myself a serious guilt trip. It seemed i was much happier before i started to blog about things i need to change in my life. I just kinda floated along. So today I didn't have to work and i figured i could go to the scrapbook store and do the make and take--I am riddled with GUILT. I should have been home crossing things off my list--after all a trip to the scrapbook store was NOT on the list. And then that whole want and need thing kept popping into my brain as i was aimlessly wandering the store--"Do I really need any of this?" NO!!!! and yet $30. later i walked out with a lovely bag of goodies--WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF? I need to get some control over my life--It would be one thing if i even had a place to put my new purchases but my office is out of control!! I did try to make amends with myself and i did clear a path into the room--that is a start--RIGHT?

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Jennifer said...

Oh girl... dont' talk to me about this because I can justify all kinds of things. Hope you have fun and can't wait to see what you create.