Thursday, March 6, 2008

Simple Joys

It is a great thing when you can make someones day by something simple. I have managed make 2 people happy this morning (o.k. one was the dog but she was very happy) Before i took Jake to school i told him that i had picked something up for him at Mervyns yesterday--and to go out to the car to get the bag. He was quite thrilled with the 2 ties that i had gotten him. He always wants a pink tie and when i saw the one i knew i had to get it--it was just too perfect for him. He has a dark brown shirt--it will look so awesome with it. And then the other one just said "Jake" to me. He has a green pair of pants that he wears to church and i just liked that it was not your "normal" boring tie. He is so funny because he really doesn't care for the color blue--so anything but blue and he is happy--what an odd ball. Gotta love him though.

So as far as the dog goes-- she was thrilled that she got to go for a ride in the car this morning. She loves to ride in the car and since my driving the kids to school has diminished so have her rides. She doesn't care that it is just around the corner--it goes back to her forgetting that she is a dog and thinking that she is part human. That and the fact that she thinks we are attached at the hip. On the way to school Jake asked what we were going to do with Abbey while we were on the Trek--I don't know if she can emotionally handle having me gone again. AHHH---I will have to think about this one.?

If you were all alone in the universe

with no one to talk to,

no one with which to share the beauty of the stars,

to laugh with, to touch,

what would be your purpose in life?

It is other life, it is love,

which gives your life [meaning].

This is{harmony}.

We must [discover] the joy of each other,

the joy of challenge, the joy of growth.


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Jennifer said...

You're cute. Gotta say it again... I love your quotes!! Glad to be blogging buds with yoU!!