Thursday, March 20, 2008

sPriNg has sPrUng

Since we don't actually have a change of season here in AZ we are required to listen to the news to let us know when it happens. So today is the official first day of spring--{and here i thought it had occurred weeks ago.} We are having the most gorgeous weather right now and i keep reminding myself that is why we live in AZ. The heat will be here soon enough--[UGH]--but for the moment i am enjoying having the windows open, watching the desert bloom and not melting when i get in the car. It is hard to believe that Easter is this weekend--didn't we just celebrate St.Patty's day--where is the time going? My husband and oldest son are off to white water raft this weekend--so I will be left with the rest of the kiddos to have a good time--I am plotting some fun and maybe a LITTLE cleaning--or maybe NOT.


andreamatrix said...

So I'm a blog lurker from Goodyear, AZ. I was trying to find some Panguitch bloggers from Tracy's site and ended up coming across you. We are taking our youth on Trek in July. I'm one of the photographers. Any hints?

mindy said...

the food thing is going. i can't believe they did not call you back? what # did i give you? call me when you make those pb brownies! yummo. i do well for breakfast and lunch and then dinner and being at home i just want to snack snack snack. the trek looks like it was a blast! and your toes are so cute. tell jake to brush his teeth. geesh. jordyn looks very very tan in the picture and quite stunning. anyhoo, gotta get back to celebrity apprentice.