Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I NeEd hELp--but we knew that

I am in need of some help--i am looking for a photo website that i can post the 1200+ pictures that i have from the Trek. I would like it to be accessed by all who want to see the pictures and order from them. Anyone know of a user friendly site that they are familiar with? I narrowed down my photos to my favorite 400 and need to slim it down some more. My friend had hers narrowed down to 700 as of yesterday--if we go with what we have this video will be a full length feature. I need to start finding some music--get this all put together to send off to the video guy--what a task.

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Annette said... is a place to put photos but I don't know how many you can storage there. But you can check it out. A