Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Do i need what i want?

Yesterday the thought crossed my mind about "NEEDS" and "WANTS". I think maybe i was more sensitive to this because i had just lived the last few days in humble meager circumstances. As my face continues to hurt and feel gross from the sunburn/windburn that i obtained on the Trek (and that was with sunscreen applied the first day) it made me think about the pioneers and the sunburns they must have had--they didn't even have the option of sunscreen--good shoes, porta potties,warm sleeping bags,charcoal, etc......Even though we were roughing it by todays standards we still did not do without some modern conveniences. So that brings me back to my first line--what do we need in our lives, really? What things could we do without? And what things just add more clutter to our already full homes. As I look around I realize that we are sooo blessed beyond abundance. As i was walking out of the grocery store yesterday i saw this cute little Dalmatian lunch box and i will say "I was tempted" but the thought occurred--"What would I do with it and did I need it?" Both answers were a big fat "NO". It is so easy to drop a few dollars here and there without even thinking if it is a necessity in our lives. We live in a world of instant gratification and yet we have more than any previous generation and yet we "desire" more. When is enough -- enough? I am going to try to simplify my over abundant life, live simpler and appreciate all the many things i am blessed with. Some of the greatest blessings in my life are those things that cannot be seen. I think about my sweet nephew who went from a poverty stricken country and living among very humble people to coming home to a beautiful home that does not know "WANT". What a culture shock he must be feeling.

He is a wise man

who does not grieve

for the things which he has not,

but rejoices for those

which he has.



I was looking for the quote about "making do, do without"---anyone know the one i am talking about? Send it to me if you get a chance--Thanks

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Melanie said...

“Eat it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” Wise old saying, no other source that I could find.