Tuesday, March 11, 2008

modern technology

Today left me wondering about modern technology. Just think about all the advances in the last 100 years--The car, airplanes, phones, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers..... so why is that we have all these time saving devices and yet we are more rushed for time. I mean years ago when you left the house you were gone, if someone called and you weren't there--they called back or would talk to you later--now we have instant access to just about anyone. It doesn't matter that you are enjoying a quiet evening out--your children can still get a hold of you and complain....The real thought behind this came when I started thinking about laundry and the many piles that I have surrounding me. A 100 years ago it would take people all day long to do their laundry--{some things have not changed.} It will take me an entire day+ to get all my laundry done. Have we really not progressed in 100 years? I mean all i have to do is throw it in and the washing is done without any more assistance from me--no washboard involved. I figured that it goes back to the # of clothes we now wear---for this reason i am going to start a push for NUDISM---OK, maybe not, but think of the time saver!!

Actually the plan is to hit the laundromat and get it done in 3 hours--its doable. I am planning on having the kids in tow so they will appreciate the time and effort that goes into this laundry thing.

We did clean out drawers today and got rid of the small or undesirable clothes--so there will be room for the clean stuff--Ah i love spring cleaning.

There are two primary choices in life;

to accept conditions as they exist,

or accept the responsibility for changing them.


Denis Waitley

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