Sunday, March 2, 2008

Home again...Home again...

Jiggity jig. One more night on the sleeper and then i will be back to my own bed YEAH!!! I am looking forward to my little sliver that my husband gives me. He is a snuggler (and I'm not) and he made the comment that one of these days i was going to miss him and his snuggling---I do and I have even when he is tooooooo hot. If i am going to listen to anyone snore it might as well be him, Alex and the dog. I am tired of eating out--using strange bathrooms and not feeling appreciated for the job i am capable of doing. Thank goodness for those i have vented to and their support of the situation. Someone made the comment tonight that it makes for a long trip when your not having fun---UH, Yah it Does. It was a better day--just long and i am still bummed that i wasn't able to see my Uncle. I am going to my mom's house in the morning and her husband is making me french toast before i go to the airport. YUMMY. George takes good care of me and is so willing to help me out----kinda spoils me and my family in a number of ways. I am glad that my mom married him--

Tomorrow is the most important thing in life.
Comes into us at midnight very clean.
It's perfect when it arrives
and puts itself in our hands.
It hopes we've learned something from yesterday.
John Wayne

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