Monday, March 31, 2008


it is interesting how words can change the way you view something or someone. Words can change your mood. Words can leave you with a sadness or a pit in your stomach. In procrastinating last week i had been putting off filling out forms regarding Alex and his upcoming IEP meeting. I did fill them out and today was the day for the meeting. I met with all his teachers and therapists, who have done their own evaluations on Alex. It goes back to me and my glass half full attitude--I choose to focus on the things he is able to do and the progress he continues to make. They did the same thing for the most part and then came the synopsis of all information that has been gathered from their standardized tests--one simple word--MODERATE--the word by itself doesn't seem so bad, but it left me holding back tears. I don't know if i am ready to verbalize it all yet---maybe i am in denial, i guess according to them i am. I am thankful for his teacher and her support of Alex and the view I have of him. I will try to expound more on this in the morning when my head is a little bit more clear.

I've always believed
that you can think
just as well
as you can think
Sugar Ray Robinson

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Jennifer said...

I don't know. It seems like as his mom you should believe all the very best for him. You've been given that stewardship. Keep up your positive attitude in raising up the best kids in the world! you are awesome and he's the perfect kid for you.. you're his perfect mom.