Sunday, March 23, 2008

HaPpY EaSteR

It is a BeAuTiFuL day in the neighborhood.

When i read that line I can't help but start singing the song in my head. I was one of Mr. Rogers greatest fans--in spite of my 3 brothers and their trying to diss the man. He had such a peace about him--and for those who don't know, he would have turned 80 years old last week. I was made aware of this fact by Staci who was having a blog party (she's the altogether Happy person) in celebration of Mr. Rogers. So what was it about him that endeared so many to him?

" He maintained his principles in the face of temptation and pressure, proving that being gentle is not the same as being weak and that the really important things don't change.
In the end we are better people, both children and adults, because of Mr. Rogers. He held up a mirror to us so we could see ourselves. He helped us see that we were special. And
he showed us that everyone else is special too, deserving of love and respect and care.

For Mr. Rogers, his sweater was an icon. With that same spirit we were challenged to take a picture with our favorite sweater. I feel that living in AZ where our beautiful days are currently in the 80's, has me at a bit of a "SWEAT"her dis-advantage. I waited till the sun went down, and broke out the robins egg blue cardigan. It just seemed to scream SpRiNg at me, and it came in handy as the temperature finally dropped. On a day where i was behind the camera catching all my families Easter activities, I am grateful for the chance to step around to the front and have my daughter take this lovely shot of me.

So what did you do with your BeAuTiFuL day? Did you spend it with family like i did? We went to church and i feel so blessed for having the peace that comes with the belief in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.We spent the afternoon with our extended family for dinner and enjoyed the company of my nephew who has been gone the last 2 years on a mission. It is amazing to see the growth that has occured while he has been serving. He has set such a great example for my kids. Even though the is more man than kid now, he was still up for the Easter egg hunt. All kids participated--those married, return missionary and teenagers. For the first time ever my little one understood what was going on and really got into it. While the older kids were looking for the eggs with the cash and gift cards, my little one was more than content with the Play-doh and candy. When all was said and done it was the empty eggs that kept him entertained. Sometimes it is the simple things that bring the most JOY. For me the joy came in just being with my family. I am soo---oooo blessed.

We made some yummy desserts and enjoyed our time in the kitchen with one another. I don't think i could ever have a kitchen big enough to accommodate all those that like to cook in our family.(would like to try though)I think it is our love of food, and the memories that food invokes, and the time we can spend together in preparing those things we enjoy. We made some Pavlova and my daughter did a great job making it look pretty. I only wish i would have taken a picture of the final product--it was gone before i knew it. We also tried a new recipe for a lemon tart--and "TART" it was. And last but not least a berry kuchen--YUMMY. Nothing like having some variety in your sugar and cream consumption.

In the eternal scheme of things,

this evening is as brief

as the twinkling of an eye

yet such twinklings

is what eternity is made of.


Mr. Rogers

15 reasons Mr. Rogers was the best neighbor ever


Alli said...

Well, I wouldn't say it wasn't bad-the car has been in the shop for a week and a half. I'm a bit shocked that you haven't heard anything about it. UGHHHH it was horrible. Love my hair, still love my jeans. Ha i guess the only reason I support my spending 100 on jeans is because they make me feel good about my self. We all deserve that!!!

Jennifer said...

Could you be anymore creative? I JUST LOVE IT! And I'm loving being in your blogging world.

Looks like Picacho was awesome. I want to do it BAD now. Maybe Saturday? I'll have to see what this full week of school does to me first! :0