Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Moment of craziness

OK, so I want to know who the person was that wrote all that craziness earlier this morning? My so called words of wisdom have been haunting me all day long as I went shopping. That whole "need" and "want" thing? What is that about? I didn't "need" to go to the scrapbook store but i "wanted" to since it was across the street from where I "wanted" to get a pedicure. Actually I "needed" the pedicure since I promised myself that I deserved it if I came back with all my toenails intact. That and the fact that every woman should have pretty toes for Easter--right? OK, maybe pretty toes is a stretch, because are any toes really pretty? But it does make me feel pretty.

Then I went shopping at Sam's Club-I managed to fit it all in 1 basket but somehow it expanded to 2 at the checkout. OK, maybe I didn't "need" the 36 poptarts, but sometimes that is what you "want" when you are hungry and shopping--that and a new cookbook {like I really "need" one more of those}who knows maybe it will inspire me to "want" to cook all the food that I bought--{or maybe not}--I do like to look at the pretty pictures though. It is always an adventure to try and fit the many tons of food I purchased into the little car---little cars are designed for little families, and the shopping patterns of little families,-not the MAMMOTH sized family that i am trying to feed. With some unique packing I did manage to get it all to fit--YEAH--and brought it home in time to have my family help unload and put it away --GOTTA LOVE THAT!

So my piece oh' crap car reached a milestone tonight as I was pulling up to the house--the odometer read 171717----{well actually the last number flipped to 18 as i stopped at the house.} Anyway, some people have a goal to live to be 100--I have a goal to see this little "go getter" of a car to 200,000 miles--I think it is a doable goal. If I keep the blue beast healthy.... after all its what is under the hood that counts and not the cosmetic value--Right? Which goes to the quote that i was looking for this morning--thanks Melanie for finding it for me.

“Eat it up, wear it out, make it do,
or do without.”
Wise old saying,

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Kristan Paolacci said...

Leigh Ann - love your needs and wants assesment - makes us all think about things a little more. ANd we are with you in that 200,000mile club - keep those cars healthy and they even go beyond that. Marissa is driving her little Honda in Utah that is at 220,000 and still running well. My hubby just had his jeep in the shop that has 200,000 miles on it and our mechanic said "this car is in such excellent shape" just keep driving you still have a few good years on it. Thanks for sharing your quoate. Have a great day - hope to see ya again soon.