Saturday, March 29, 2008

WoNderFuL Weekend

This was a fantastic weekend. I had so many wonderful experiences and feel so blessed!!! Friday night I had the chance to attend a play at the new Tempe Center of the Arts--it was fantastic! I love going to cultural things--it makes me feel so grown-up. The play was "A tale of two city's". Although it is normally a book you read in school--I don't remember reading it. I loved the fact that it made me think-- It was in the tiny theater-so intimate and close up (which is a good thing since i forgot my glasses) I was with a group of ladies that i just love from church--I love that at 39 years old i was the baby of the group. I love having friends at different stations in life. I feel we have so much to learn from each other and i love the fact that i am so blessed with these friendships. Every person brings such different things to the table......

On Saturday i had the chance to attend the temple as one of my dear friends daughter went through. It was so fun being there with my closest friends. We are all so busy and getting together can be such a challenge most days--but when it is important i know that we are there for each other. Friends are the greatest.

"A friend

is one who strengthens

you with prayers,

blesses you with love

and encourages you with hope”


Arabian Proverb

After the temple I ran to the church and listened to the some wonderful talks addressed to the young women of the church. What a blessing to have the knowledge of a Heavenly Father who loves us and wants us to be happy. When it was over just the girls went to dinner--me,my neice, sis-in-law and my two girls. What a wonderful way to end the evening--just enjoying each others company.They are growing up so fast!!!

And last but not least my good friends are here thawing out from the chilly state of Michigan. I love having them here in AZ--we became good friends 10 years ago just after we moved in our house and they were walking their new baby--now 5 children later here they are--hangin and chillin out with us when they can squeeze us in. We love having them visit--it is as if no time has passed since they left--just such a comfortable frienship---actually more like family. Isn't it true that our friends are the family we choose?!


mindy said...

hey did the brownies turn out okay? did you see my other cousin's post that they would be okay the way the recipe said? ay yi yi. i love the baking drama. how do you get your quotes to look so darn cool and all in different sizes/fonts? can you do a tutoring session if i help you find countries in that geo game? LOL

sandalloons40 said...

How are you? Well, what a nice blog and family you have. Wow, just look at this cute children.
Oh and friends are the icing on the cupcakes, I love!
take care

kariwhiting said...

hey lady, i hope to be as lucky a you and your cool group of friend to find some good friends over here, church was better this week since corey was here. and i totally agree about the boys very different looks!! same smile though. thanks for keeping in touch i sure do appreciate it A LOT!! love ya guys!!

Alli said...

Wasn't the YW broadcast amazing? I was so happy that it was so good!