Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Why are we so resistant to change? It took me years to finally embrace the computer age and for the most part i am glad. When things are not working the right way it drives me crazy but i am proud that i am starting to figure it out. My blog was doing weird things and after reading what appeared to be a foreign language i did figure out where the problem was. I am not exactly sure what i did to fix it but it IS! So i am trying to step up with the times but in what other ways are we set in our ways? Why do we become so complacent in our lives? Jo went on a date the other night and the young man that she went with was resistant to most of the date. They went to a restaurant that was out of his comfort zone and the swing dancing did NOT get him moving. She doesn't think she will go out with him again. We talked about how sometimes you do things that maybe you wouldn't normally do to try and make another person happy,except he wasn't even willing to try. Sometimes we narrow our lives so much that we aren't even willing to consider something new--I guess we should look at these things as opportunities of growth. Now I'm not saying that if you "Try it you'll like it"--but maybe you will. When it comes to food i am always willing to give it a taste because i have found that my tastes have changed as i have gotten older--I have broadened my horizons. Sometimes change brings untold blessings that we would have never received if we hadn't taken the chance.

Then, without realizing it,
you try to improve yourself

at the start of each new day;
of course,

you achieve quite a lot
in the course of time.
Anyone can do this,
it costs nothing

and is certainly very helpful.
Whoever doesn't know it
must learn and find by experience

that a quiet conscience makes one strong.

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