Sunday, March 9, 2008


I was thinking that maybe i was being a bit dramatic the other night (LOL) I didn't actually get fired--I was just told that due to observing me and the "team dynamics" that my contract would not be renewed--sure kinda felt like i was fired though. How long can i milk this for sympathy? Oh, for those who are wondering what job it was--it wasn't the one as wife or mother. The bus driving gig is still in tact, and on occasion i will still do my upholstery. The job in question was my travel job for a scrap booking company---so now i won't be going to the shows, buying more stuff that i don't need, and won't use--BUMMER!


Annette said...

Who could not get along with you! There is something messed up with that company. There loss.

Alli said...

OH MY GOSH. I could not get over it that night that you were over here after I got home from All State. I just couldn't take you seriously...dramatic woman that you were. Sadness for the firing sat was HILARIOUSSSSS. I love you mucho. come visit me and we will make taste sensations