Saturday, March 1, 2008

TOo MuCh ToGETherNesS

Sometimes too much togetherness is just TOO much togetherness. I like my space and need it sometimes for my sanity. I like to surround myself with those i WANT to be with. I love to spend time with my family--even when they drive me crazy. After all those are the people that Heavenly Father has given us--and he expects us to get along. Sometimes this is a challenge--but friends we choose, co-workers are often thrust upon us and we have to learn to get along--that is the challenge. To smile and let things roll off when it really irritates you. I am working on this--most of today was O.K. but there were moments.......lets just say i really had to work on the being happy thing.(and i didn't always do the best job) Another day to go--can i do it without losing it? Thank goodness for people that you can confide in and vent too--it helps let out some steam so i won't blow my top. Long days, less sleep and too much togetherness can equal a tense situation---Wish me luck.

Chinese proverb:
The gem cannot be polished without friction,
nor man perfected without trials.

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