Friday, March 21, 2008

Roller Coaster

" Oh, to be only half as wonderful
as my child thought I was
when he was small,
and only half as stupid
as my teenager
now thinks I am."
Rebbecca Richards
Umm--yea--that pretty much sums up the afternoon in my life. The said child is now being so kind and wonderful--they want to get back the privileges that were lost. It will be miserable for me--[sometimes the punishments are worse on the parents]. We suffer right along with them--for the mistakes they made as well as the loss of privileges that impacts our life. I think about how our Father in Heaven must feel when he has given us commandments over and over again just to have us disregard them. Don't we realize they are for our own good? He's not saying those things to be mean or make our lives miserable. Why can't we realize that he only has our best interest at heart? And then i look at my children and how much it hurts me when they make bad choices, and i only have 5 children. I can't even imagine how Heavenly Father must feel. Tonight was my nephews baptism, and i am so glad that i attended. My niece sang a beautiful song that i needed to hear the words of
If the savior stood beside me,would i do the things i do?
Would I think of His commandments
and try harder to be true?
Would i follow his example?
Would i live more righteously?
If i could see the savior standing nigh,
watching over me?
I only hope my children were listening to the words and we ALL will take them to heart. I know there are things in my life that i could improve on. Sometimes i forget that i am still in the role of a child{my heavenly father child}--trying to become a better person--Oh, i have a ways to go
Evening ended on a good note--but man this parenting thing sure can be frustrating at times.

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Annette said...

I am Right there with you SISTER! Love the Quote. Annette