Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fear and Trepidation

As I opened up my underwear drawer and found my lone,hidden box of girl scout cookies, I knew at that moment that everything was going to be OK. Well maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration. As i am thinking about the next three days i am finding myself a wee bit tense and full of trepidation. I have likened it to child birth--the first time you go through it you truly are clueless--you live to talk about it but you soon forget the painful details because you reflect on the wonderful thing that came out of the event.Then you decide that you want to go through this experience again and it seems like a good idea until you are actually in the throws of the painful experience and then you think to yourself---"WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING"?{those of you that have had epidurals--use your imagination here} That is how i am feeling about the Trek at this moment--only last time we went along for the good time---now we are in charge of the good time. { Note to self--Need to learn to say NO} I am questioning my ability to be where i need to be to capture the entire event (I am in charge of photography) I joke about the fact that i am in shape--after all ROUND is a shape.--but i am beginning to doubt myself. I just remember how OLD i felt as i did this the last time--and i was four years younger then. So all---check back in three days to make sure i made it home alive and hopefully i will come back with all my toenails this time[I lost 7 of the 10 after the last Trek--they have all grown back and look so lovely] Just for the record the laundry did get done--18+ loads in 21/2 hours--gotta love that. It makes me want to get rid of the single washer and dryer in favor of an entire room full of washers and dryers--it does make life easier to have it all done at once. I have decided that my 8 passenger van was designed to carry all my laundry back and forth--to heck with the children and needing that many seat belts.

Happy Trekking All

The person who says it cannot be done
should not interrupt the person doing it.
-Chinese proverb

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