Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tin sMiLe No-MoRe

Jake went to the ortho this morning--and got his braces removed. This was an unexpected event but because of some decay made it a necessity. He now realizes that all our harping on him to brush his teeth was for a real reason. Not real pretty--but nothing that money and time in the dental chair can't fix. I am soo--ooo happy about that one. [note sarcasm in statement] Then on the flip side Kaycie won a I-Pod from the ortho for having good hygiene. It is amazing how each kid can be so different. She is thrilled since she has been saving her money to buy her own. {she lost her MP3 and was on her own for a new one} --Who says good hygiene doesn't pay off. SHEESH. For what we are paying in Orthodontics we could have a new car--but really would it smile at you the way those four cute faces do? I think NOT.

· Learn from the mistakes of others.

You can’t live long enough

to make them all yourself.

Elanor Roosevelt

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